We have a very special case that most don’t have! We have TWINS, one with classical CAH and one without. We knew soon after Taylor was born that something was a little ‘off.’ She was whisked away to the NICU because of her breathing, they said she had a small puncture in her lungs that would fix itself on its own. They just needed to monitor her closely. However, that was just the beginning of a tough road for all of us. She seemed to just keep getting sicker in the NICU and no one knew why. Thank goodness for newborn screenings! We found out about 4-5 days later that she had CAH. The hospital we were at didn’t have access to a pediatric endocrinologist so we we’re all transferred to a neighboring hospital where we met our angel, Dr. Houk. He explained everything in detail and calmed our nerves (even though I was in tears the entire time!). They immediately put her on prednisolone & florinef and we were able to take her home a few days later! As new parents, we were just plain scared. We had no idea what CAH would do. I remember just staying up late and watching her breathe, making sure she was ok. Now, they are 6 years old. We’ve had 2 scares in the past 6 years. Both crises put her in the hospital but as soon as she got her fluids and needed meds, she was bouncing off the walls, ready to play! Everyday, I thank God for Dr. Houk, CARES foundation (where I learned a TON!) and the medications & ongoing research.