Thank you, Jessica!

Long-time CARES Board member and past president, Jessica Hall Upchurch, leaves the CARES Board of Trustees after many years of dedicated service.

CAREing Hearts Walk, Virginia, October 31, 2015

CAREing Hearts Walk, California. October 4, 2015

CAREing Hearts Walk, Northern, New Jersey. September 26, 2015

2014 NJ CAREing Hearts Walks

2013 and 2012 NJ CAREing Hearts Walks

Talk It or Walk It 2013 Winners

2012 No-Sweat Run for a Cure winners

2011 No-Sweat Run for a Cure winners

Chad Lapp No Sweat Run for a Cure 2011

Chad Lapp and Karl Dostal run as many miles as they can in the 2010 Northcoast 24-Hour Endurance Run

2010 No-Sweat Run for a Cure: A Winning Story

2010 Everyone CARES Gala

CARES Foundation’s 2008 Rolex Raffle winner


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