The “official” call-to-action dates have passed but we urge you to continue to speak up about your rights as parents of CAH patients. Make phone calls, send emails and mail letters. Make sure your voice is heard! Here is the information posted about the February CALL-TO-ACTION.



Call the numbers* below during the following times:

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH between 12-2pm (EST) and TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH between 12-1pm or 4-5pm (EST). 

*After receiving feedback from many of our CAH community members, we would like to encourage you to make calls (see instructions) AND email those people involved with making these important decisions.

CARES Foundation supports all patients and their families’ right to make decisions based on what is right for them. Recently, however, these rights have come under attack. The recently aired National Geographic program, “Gender Revolution” by Katie Couric Media, inaccurately and misleadingly characterized CAH, describing girls born with CAH as “not clearly male or female” and criticizing the parental decision for early surgical intervention. In addition, the American Medical Association has recently begun debating a proposal to end parents’ rights to make a decision regarding surgery on their child and require a child’s consent prior to such surgery. Finally, Human Rights Watch is actively fighting parents’ rights to make decisions regarding early surgical intervention comparing it to female genital mutilation, a horrendous practice by religious sects to disfigure and disable external genitalia. These entities have not asked how CAH patients and their families feel about these issues and they need to hear from you.  Below are a list of the people most directly involved in each of these entities and their contact information. If you care about your rights as patients and parents and your daughters’ right to have the best medical care for a healthy body, please contact the people below and let them hear your voice. 


202-857-7000 Main Number

202-912-6526, Chris Albert – Senior VP of Communications – (you can access via this number) *contact Chris Albert, AND Jenn deGuzman, at NatGeo Media

202-912-6500, National Geographic Channels (need contact here)

408-349-3300, Yahoo Corporate (owner of Katie Couric Media) *contact Mitch Semel at Katie Couric Media,

*You can also email their general mailbox:

MAILING ADDRESS: National Geographic Headquarters 1145 17TH St NW, Washington DC 20036


American Medical Association

800-621-8335 “Unified Service Center” *Try emailing:

312-464-5000 Main Headquarters in Chicago. You can send emails via their website:

Patrice Harris, Board Chair; James Madara, CEO; Andrew Gurman, President

MAILING ADDRESS: American Medical Association, AMA Plaza, 330 N Wabash Ave, Ste 39300, Chicago IL 60611-5885


Human Rights Watch

212-290-4700 New York Main Number*

212-216-1835 – Emma Daly, Communications Director (you can access via this number)

212-216-1250 – Minky Worden, Media Director (you can access via this number)

*TO REACH THE PRIMARY RESEARCHER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, KYLE KNIGHT, CALL THE NY MAIN NUMBER: 212-290-4700, press “0” for the operator and ask to be connected to him. The Operator will connect you to his assistant’s voicemail. Please leave your message there.

MAILING ADDRESS:  Human Rights Watch,  350 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor | New York, NY 10118-3299