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Cortef® Generic Now Available

Generic Cortef® (hydrocortisone tablets, USP) is now availble. The tablets, manufactured by Steifel Labs, come in 5mg and 10mg amounts. Reports from our members indicate the tablets are smaller than the brand name and may be harder to split. If you prefer the brand name Cortef® please make sure your prescriber indicates Cortef® with no substitutions.We have no information on the efficacy of the generic so patients should be careful when switching from the name brand. End Heart


FLORINEF® Discontinued

King Pharmaceuticals® has decided to discontinue the manufacture of Florinef®Acetate (Fludrocortisone Acetate, USP) in the United States. Florinef® will remain available through pharmacies until current supplies run out. Florinef® is distributed through Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a subsidiary of King

Generic Fludrocortisone is still available, manufactured by both Barr Laboratories, Inc. and Global Pharmaceuticals. End Heart


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