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Living with CAH

Taking Charge of Your Health

One of the biggest challenges anyone will ever face is the transition from childhood to adulthood. Our teen years are a time of extreme excitement, and yet simultaneously, a period fraught with the trials of puberty, increased responsibility and eventually independence. For those affected by CAH there is the added challenge of transitioning to self-care.

The idea of being wholly responsible for remembering your medications, setting up your doctor appointments, speaking with health care professionals (and others) about your condition, and making decisions about your health care may seem daunting at first. With a little preparation and planning on your part, however, this can be an amazing and very rewarding experience as you begin to take control of your life and health care.

As a first step, please take a few minutes to read through the pamphlet at right, Since You’re Not a Kid Anymore, It’s Time to be More in Charge of Your Health, which presents some ideas and suggestions as to how to manage your transition to self-care from the perspective of teens with a variety of health care needs and managing your health care needs in middle school and beyond.

Useful Links

  • Medical Management of CAH: Transition from Childhood to Adulthood – information about medical monitoring of CAH through this transitional period
  • What is CAH? – Interactive website produced by the hospital for sick Children in Toronto, Canada that includes an extensive and informative section on genetics, information about CAH, with animated and colorful adrenal glands, enzymes, as well as an interactive description of genital development. In order for the website to function interactively, Flash player needs to be installed on your computer.

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